Ejection Scraper

The Iron Wolf Ejection Scraper Model 1200 is a 12-yard capacity dolly scraper designed to be pulled easily behind a 200 H.P. agriculture tractor and is also constructed rugged enough for 500 H.P. tractors. Primarily used in agriculture and small contractor industry, pull type scrapers have proven themselves to be one of the most efficient methods of earth moving and Land leveling.

The Forced Ejection Dolly Scraper allows you to not only unload any material but level the material as you unload. The Model 1200 can also be loaded with a track hoe or loader bucket and used as a dump truck with spreading capabilities. When conditions are too wet to use a dump truck, the tractor and scraper with front dolly tires can get in and out during the worst of conditions. The Iron Wolf Forced Ejection Scraper in a low capital investment that retains its value.